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  1. I AM Going to be opening a runescape Gold farm shop.

    I have 7 desktops I work with daily.

    I will make any amount of gold needed by a member and sale it.

    I will also take request for osrs accounts


    Prices will vary depending on the complexity of account needs.
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    Loads of accounts for sale in stock.

    void pures

    accounts range from 10-50m osrs.

    all accounts are 100% botted with spectre no black marks what so ever

    username and email logins
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    Make me an offer fully Botted, username login, matches IN GAME NAME :)
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    Username Login, Matches IGN
    Defence pure for sale

    Levl 17 cbt, wearing full rune,



    70 WC.


    41 Mining, 60WC



    I have over 400 accounts to post let me know what ur looking for :)


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  2. So.... Why would people buy accounts from you if they can bot them themselfs?
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  3. Who knows, probably sell on other websites
  4. Probably because not everyone wants to go through the trouble of botting & bans.
  5. I can tell, you I have only been banned once using runemate, and that was via before spectre.
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  6. Can you tell me how often do you bot on the accounts?
  7. 7 new zerkers for sale all username logins
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    @johnny chhim daily.
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  8. I bot daily also but two of the accounts that is been old at least 6 years old I bot on those accounts daily and haven't gotten a RIP from any mods yet, but my fresh accounts that I made and bot they only last 3-7 days... and I do the same thing with the other two account that I bot with..
  9. well Guess what Its called being smart and not botting day in and day out, I rest sometimes
  10. If those zerkers were fully quested for those defense levels that would be awesome
  11. Yeah, the guys a known scammer. Thought his ban was permanent but apparently it expired. Refreshing it now :)
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