RS3 Going to see how long I can drag out this suicider!

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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm going to see how much exp and money I can make from skilling with this OP skiller in a long run.
    Ill keep you updated every 24 hours with screenshots and if i get banned.
    I will also be looking to get 20 hours a day. Switching VPN's.
    Should be interesting so stay tuned!

    First Update:
  2. Nice progress so far, keep in mind that you shouldn't run a bot for all day, as new accounts get watched.
    Gl on further progress :)
  3. If you're suiciding aren't you suppose to bot 24/7 and not give a shit about VPN's and proxies!?!
    It's called suiciding for a reason?!?
  4. While I agree, people who do believe that Jagex flags IP's might be a little scared that this suiciding could affect their main account later on.
  5. Touche. Anyway to know if we have been flagged?
  6. Your I.P will almost definatley be flagged if you attempt to gold farm on it and the account get banned. It can also be flagged via normal botting.
  7. Me and many others don't believe in flagging, and with reason. Don't say it like it's a fact when you've got nothing or little to back it up.
  8. Ok well, my evidence:
    I have been resource gold farming at a large scale for a while now. Private scripts bots ect.
    When my accounts get banned on a VPS they will all get banned. In a wave. If I tried to create accounts on that VPS again they would be banned the first day of botting.
    But i'm sure you have good reasons also. That's just my experience!
  9. That is not necessarily a good argument, because you could've just as easily been UID flagged. It do believe slightly more in flagging when the person is running a big amount of accounts though.
  10. I always botted on my home IP, no VPS or other bullshit that changes ur IP to make it more"safe" i dont believe it actually makes ur acc more "safe". Since u dont know what happened with the proxy,vps before.

    I actually got banned once. after 5 years, i always did not select more anti-ban than the basic antiban of the client. U know why? because at some point.. all bots select the fcking same anti-ban which i think causes to increase the banrate..

    more on topic: do i think ur ip can get flagged and that u will be banned on every account?
    no. why? because on the same ip i am suicide botting atm i've been banned for macroing. yet i am botting like 20hrs a day for like 1 month str8 now.
  11. Well i'm more just doing this for experimental purposes, but yeah that also plays a factor.
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    Thanks for all of your info guys, good to get others first hand experiences!
  12. in the end its all about this:
    apart from the time a day u bot ofc. i dont believe that actually matters a lot.

    but just for example alching. dont alch in the blue, makes it kinda obv. dont alch in low populated worlds @ g.e, ppl will ask u what ur alching.
    just go to portables FC, look @ where the most ppl are located and stand on that pile of ppl, no1 will suspect u, report u, or ban u.

    little things like these matter a lot in suicide botting
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  14. Day 1: ban

    Jk, good luck m80;)
  15. Pmsl, guess who called it!
    This was done on what i believe to be a flagged I.P though.
    Haa, ill do a proper botting thread soon. With the use of VPN's and private scripts bots. That should be fun!
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    There is NO way for you to "know" if you have been flagged. Some people think it's fugaze, so in that case take my advice and if you have gone through a ban wave ect. Just suspect yourself of being flagged and play more careful.
  16. Isn't using VPN's counter-productive? Since only botters use it, it isn't very hard to recognize them from Jagex's point of view.

    I wish you the best of luck, but I never really understood why you would use one.
  17. An ex-jmod has told me that they do not flag
  18. I personally use one so that my home I.P isn't tampered with in any of my botting endeavors.

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