OSRS Gold Farming Starters Guide

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  1. Hey whatsup guys!

    I have been gold farming for about a year now. When I look back at when I just started I can tell you that it was one hell of a journey! From feeling like a boss using my first crappy f2p script bot to making hundreds of dollars a month. Getting my whole farm banned to running the farm without bans for over a month (dat feeling when u have to buy new bonds because Jagex didnt catch u [​IMG] ). When I started botting there werent really any people around showing me the tricks of the business. Ofcourse I understand that nobody is going to share any good methods, but I mean just the basics. Thats why i decided to make a guide on gold farming. I hope I can help some of you and motivate people to start a farm as well. Most people think that gold farming is just setting up some accounts, start some scripts bots and the money comes running in. Well I wish it was that way, it's a never ending process of trial and error, persistance and being innovative. Check out my guide at Runescape Gold Farming | Start Your Own Farm and Make Bank, hope I helped some of you guys out!

    If this post isnt in the right place, please remind me and I will change it ASAP.

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  2. Good and helpful guide for noobs looking to start a goldfarm.
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  3. Great guide man!
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  4. thanks man!
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    Thanks blades!!!
  5. No no, Thank YOU for posting this ;)
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  6. From website/referrals/YT or from actually botting?
  7. I enjoyed it :)
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  8. lol? im making bank on DMM ;)
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    thanks man! :)

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