RS3 Gold Farms

Discussion in 'General' started by Sithire, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Anyone have gold farms setup to make money for their mains? Id like to get 1 or 2 accounts running to funnel money into my main account.
  2. So... what do you want to know? Wether other people also run bots to provide for their main accounts? If so then yes that does occur.
  3. Yes, I do it myself.
  4. What do you bot? And how many accounts? Im looking into setting up one for my main :)
  5. 1 account doing Runite transmutation.
  6. How do you actually transfer the gold between accounts tho?
  7. u can x log. just have both selected the same world in the lobby and click fast on both play now buttons
  8. Both accounts have to be subscribed; however, if one account has been member before, it can have free trade as an f2p. So really all you'd need to do is buy a bond once, and when it's used up, you won't need a membership anymore, but i don't know what kind of bot you are going to use.
  9. Im thinking about using Eagles Granite cutter bot and running 2 accounts botting that while I play. Not sure if there are better things to bot with no skills.
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    Also do you use a VPN?
  10. Go to the guide section I have made an extensive guide on how to make cash.
  11. im botting osrs to fund my rs3 acc, im making about 30m eoc a day from agility, i could change task for more gold but its working just fine how it is and im not really in need of too much gold atm
  12. agility? arena or something?
  13. No, when doing rooftops you can get marks, those can be exchanged for amylase which is a 2ndary ingredient for stamina pots.
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  14. thought roof tops was OSRS.......
  15. Yes. He's doing rooftops on his OSRS account then swapping the gold for EOC
  16. So what bots are you guys using on RS3 for gold farming?
  17. I've got to try this some time, to be honest.

    you little sassy fucka
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  18. some proggies, the 85h one is currently running, 103h was interupted due to update

    This was done on 2 different accounts, 103hour one is currently 99 and not banned, sold it.
  19. Just goes to show that OSRS > RS3. They at least care enough to ban the bots :p Botting rooftop agility in OSRS gets you banned in <2 hours if not instantly

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