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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Mintfez, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Hello reader & community,

    I've come to ask a question about gold farming. This is the first time I've actually attempted gold farming and so far it's proving to be pretty successful. I've managed to farm roughly 26m over the course of a weekend and I've kept my "mule" away from all botting activities. I do have some concern as to how I go about transferring the money, and how I interact with the accounts that are actually doing the gold farming.

    The method that I am currently using is keeping all the currency on my mule, buying bonds with said account, and then offering them to my new accounts that are prepped for botting. Every 6 hours or so, I go on to the botting accounts, sell the items in the Grand Exchange, and then transfer the gold directly in a trade to the mule account. Now, these accounts last roughly 48 hours before catching the ban hammer. I'm just concerned that Jagex would see that all these accounts have had interactions with banned accounts. Do you suggest that I should rotate a new mule, (Just trade the cash over directly to a different account.) or continue using the same account? Or, is there another method that I'm not aware about how to effectively transfer currencies over so they can be "safe", or safer than what I've been currently doing? Any insight, preferably from someone who has been doing this for a while would be greatly appreciated.

    Extra information: I'm currently running 3 accounts, all farming the same resources spread across different worlds. I plan to up that number from 3, to about 15 within the coming month.
  2. All i know is that jagex did track some mules through banned accounts, looking at trade and IP connections/history.
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  3. Two or three mules are more than enough. Just don't keep the cash on em mules for too long.
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  4. Never use one mule account; if it goes, your entire cash-stack goes. Use three mules at minimum, I would say, and differentiate them as much as you possibly can (even a different machine, if you can). This way, if one catches the banhammer you're losing (at most) 1/3 of your cash stack.

    The general idea is, always prepare to lose, but to lose as little as you possibly can. This means keeping cash stacks as low as possible at all times.
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  5. With mules there is a lot to worry about. As for getting the gold I would use different methods, have an account kill in wild, stake for, try to mix up how you transfer the gold. I have another, better option for you for cash transfer but you'd have to pm me for that :p
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  6. inb4 drop trade
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  7. Do you by chance have a figure/number on how often that happens? So far, I'm still safe with 34m on the account.

    What do you think about using secondary/tertiary mules? I've definitely thought of filtering the accounts through different machines if I were to use multiple mules. But thanks for the feedback!

    I've been told that directly trading the cash is usually the best way. I'll definitely message you for more information about that. Maybe I'll share some of my botting "techniques" too.
  8. lol you will probably not start recieving mule bans or goldfarming or RWT bans until you starting holding over 200m and are trading 100s of millions at a time, i defiately would not be worried if i was you
  9. I'm a pretty careful person, I would absolutely use multiple mules. The idea of losing your entire cash-stack to a ban like that isn't nice. Keep em completely separate and they should be safe.

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