OSRS Got my quest cape! In under 2 weeks from scratch

Discussion in 'Goals' started by ZulrahEzy, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. One of the biggest goals I had ever since rs ever started. Focused purely on it.
    Took me a week to get the skills needed for the quest and 3 days to power grind all the quest.
    Next goal: Achievement capeI am trying to get these without getting a single 99
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  2. Oh my! *-*
  3. That is truly amazing.
  4. and im just sitting here with the same goal and 140 qp's after a month. Oh well, i have no hurry :p

    edit: almost forgot to say gratz
  5. Man, i hate quests, how are you still alive :p
  6. Nice!:eek: I hate quests, especially on osrs where there's no lodestone system.
  7. I plan on offering questing etc for people who cant do it.
  8. why would you do this...
  9. been sitting on rs3 with 12 quests left for the past couple weeks lol
    They're not even hard or annoying quests
  10. how much for all quests i am keen
  11. probably 30-40m
  12. OSRS or RS3?
  13. Gratz dude!!
  14. os
  15. took a week to get the stats for the quests?!
    Did you start from scratch?
  16. Yup took a week for the stats for all the quest. Then after took about 3 days to finish all the quest. Would of been shorter but I afked a bit.
  17. is there the same amount of quests on OSRS then on RS3?
  18. RS3 I think has about 5-10 more quest but should be easy.
  19. Its got wayyyy more than 5-10.
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    And grats but if this is the same account that you posted for sale in the market there is no way you did it from level 1 in a week.
  20. I dont play rs3 so I don't know

    Please explain how so lol?

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