Got RuneMate problems related to Java ? [LOOK HERE]

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  1. The program below removes Java and it's leftovers, Downloads the latest version, and allows easy updating.

    Click “Remove JRE”


    Use the built-in uninstaller
    JavaRa will automatically detect the available JRE uninstallers. The Run Uninstaller button will begin the removal process; which should be performed on all listed versions of the Java Runtime Environment. In some situations; Windows security features may interfere with this process, causing the Run Uninstaller button do to nothing. You will need to use the Add Or Remove Programs function in Windows if this occurs.


    JRE Removal Routine
    The removal routine is JavaRa’s most important feature. It quickly scans your computer; identifying and removing files and registry keys associated with Java. With every tiny Java remnant purged; you never need to worry about Java exploits again.


    Still having issues?
    Despite our best efforts, sometimes JavaRa proves ineffective at removing broken JRE installations. We recommend trying Revo Uninstaller (or a similar product).

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  2. Does this work for Mac as well?
  3. Nope, it only support Windows.

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