RS3 Granite miner /w sign of porter

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  1. Hello!

    Just thought of a mining script bot.
    Im terrible at scripting, so requesting it instead, since you mine granite from 55-80 or so.

    When you got Desert Tresure, you can use the Bandit camp lodestone.
    So, get a preset with Sign of Porters/Water/Urns.
    Start at mine, mines up the signs, uses the urns.
    Ports back to Burthorpe or any other bank like Edgeville or so.
    Lodestone back to Bandit Camp, run down to mines.

    Great money while leveling mining, and fast XP.
  2. I will make one for Spectre. :)
  3. Uh, lovely! :)
  4. Oooo, me gusta
  5. I have granite mining, porter, and urn support for my script bot. I don't however have the banking yet. I'll check with cloud to see if the web supports that lodestone already, and if it does, I'll add this to my script bot.
  6. That sounds good! Will you update it for Spectre when it comes out? :)
  7. Yes, I'm just waiting for the alpha to support os x, then I'll do it.

    I checked with cloud and the current web does not support the bandit lodestone. I might play around with it tonight. Unfortunately, the mobo in my big computer just crapped out so I'll have to do it on my laptop, so idk how motivated to do add it to the current version I will be :p
  8. I'll be waiting for you, np!
    Got the time to wait for Spectre, i'll wait for you for sure!

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