RS3 Granite power miner!

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Chowie420, May 14, 2016.

  1. Would absolutely love to see a granite power miner. Could be very simple. Just mine the granite, and drop the ores. No need for waterskins with enchanted water tiara. Don't even care about urns or familiar support either.
  2. OSRS or RS3?
  3. Rs3.
  4. I might give this a try in the near future. It won't be anything fancy.
  5. Would be much appreciated :) if it can mine the granite and drop them without error at a half decent rate I'll be thrilled!
  6. I'll give it ago, but cannot promise anything lmao
  7. @Chowie420

    I made a pretty basic powerminer for granite and pushed it to the queue. Currently it does not support refilling waterskins or enchanted water tiaras. You still have to babysit it so that you don't die from the heat. I will be working on supporting at least refilling waterskins and then some anti-ban features as well as a UI (currently no UI) in the near future.
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  8. Regeneration bracelet tome of frost sorted
  9. I'm not sure what that means...
  10. Enchanted water tiara lasts as long as you have charges on it (up to 100k) so the bot shouldn't need to do anything. Thanks so much! I can't wait to try it.
  11. Please be aware that I have not implemented any dedicated antiban/antipattern. It has not been tested for ban rates, I would not advise using it on an account you care about yet.

    Also I was going to include an option later to refill your tiara, also to tele out and logout if it runs out (if that option is turned off/until it's implemented)
  12. Sounds good man. Honestly you wouldn't even need either really, it only uses 30 charges an hour, so as long as someone makes sure they have charges for the length of time theyre intending to use it, it should be fine. Thanks again, it will be a few days before I try it as I'm on the road for work, but I'll let you know what I think as soon as I can!
  13. sweet thanks! ill try it out this weekend probably :D
  14. Cool. Let me know how it goes. Just so you know, I haven't worked on anti-ban yet. So don't use it too long/on an acct you'd hate to lose, just in case lol

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