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  1. I'm Defeat3d, previously also known as Crypsis from powerbot. I was looking for a good bot client to start script bot writing for and I ended up finding RuneMate. Time to take the client to the test, and then time to write some sick scripts bots. :)
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  2. Hello Verslag3n,

    I hope you enjoy your stay here, feel free to Skype me if you need help.
  3. Hey GemeneKool, I'm already liking the client. Working on my first script bot as we speak. I'll make sure to hit you up if I need help. :)
  4. Hello, welcome to RuneMate
  5. Oelala
  6. Hey. I remember your LRC, Black Jack, and other scripts bots. Looking forward to using them all.
  7. That's nice! I'm actually looking to rewrite that LRC script bot for sure so I can get my main 99 mining.
  8. Hi m9.
  9. You guys miss me so much on powerbot that you come visit me here? That's so sweet.
  10. I'm only here because I heard the client was legendary.
  11. Why aren't you unbanned yet anyways lol.
  12. Khaleesi claimed that he scammed someone and has been locking his appeals and support threads
  13. Well met!
  14. I greet you.
  15. Where did she post that? If she really said that she's getting wrecked. I will never scam ever and nobody giving me a bad name. Dumb ass whore.
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  16. I an appeal from you that said that she claimed that, maybe it was someone else and I'm piecing random things together lol

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