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  1. Support for this script bot has been discontinued.
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  2. How about the insta-ban?
  3. u got insta banned using it?
  4. I think he means that grotworms are a dangerous place to bot, as they used to be frequented by goldfarmers back in 2012-13. However, when I went there, there weren't that many people there (only the first couple worms were being killed, the rest of the cavern was empty).
  5. ah ok , sounds like a good bot :)
  6. Some notes...
    We prefer people use dynamic identification to identify entities (names, actions, etc). They are much more stable in the long run. Also you should go through the JDocs carefully because a lot of the things you wrote were already included.
  7. does anyone know if this still works
  8. why is it still on the bot store >.....>
  9. I removed the files from the repository a very long time ago but forgot to set the status to hidden.
  10. m8 you should revamp the script bot legitly i just got 59 agility for it lol
  11. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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