Resolved GUI doesnt pop up on celestial divination?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Loki987, May 17, 2015.

  1. When i try to run the script bot it takes my 5 cents, doesnt load up the GUI but says im using the script bot?
  2. Do you happen to use a Mac?

    @Arbiter Looks like it might not be the new client after all that causes this.
  3. I'm on windows.
  4. Contact the author @Defeat3d. He needs to resolve it and issue you a refund.
  5. What about the commission?
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    I've pushed the fix to this hours ago. @Cloud @Arbiter
  6. You can do whatever you feel is best. RuneMate can't go refunding commissions on everyone's behalf; it would be far too chaotic. We're talking fractions of fractions of a dollar here, so I don't think any party will particularly miss it.
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    Also there's nothing in queue so I'm assuming it's already live. Considering this resolved until I hear otherwise.
  7. Pushed it around 12 hours ago, it were only manifest changes, the resources were slightly messed up. I guess it's not showing up in the queue because it's only manifest changes, considering I haven't received any messages of it being pushed.

    I have refunded the user.
  8. That is correct. Make a minor bytecode change (as simple as adding a boolean bytecode = false;). Then bug @Cloud to consider manifest changes as changes along with code changes. :p
  9. Hey @Cloud

    Code (Text):
    1.     private boolean plsConsiderManifestChangesAsChangesAlongWithCodeChanges = true;
  10. That would work too.

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