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    So, I followed SupremeLeader's guide for starting JavaFX for GUIs. I can easily follow most of it besides:

    IntelliJ is throwing errors at the following variables, but when I remove one, the following method below them throws errors.
    I know the variables are not declared in the method above them.

    As well, I've always had a bit of trouble with variable definition through GUIs. Sorry that sounds a bit confusing;

    Code (Text):
    2. cooker.setFish(fishSelect.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem());
    How would I set this in my main (cooker) class?
    I made a temporary method that returns null just so I wouldn't have to see this easy error fix.
    How would I 'grab' the selected fish from the comboBox from the GUI class to set it?
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    any1 kno

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