RS3 Guilded Altar Script

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by tafani, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. Any chance someone could write this for us? I've recently made some dank cash & need 99 prayer.
  2. Using your own house and a tokz ring you can use mine.
  3. I would, but There isn't a working construction bot. So i can't get the level for the alter. Would it be possible for you to add other house support?
  4. I'm sorry, not by me, perhaps I can hand the code over though, anyone want to jump in?
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  6. The source is open @Geashaw - if you give me permission I'll take a look at it and see if I can add more options.

    edit: Nvm, other houses I can't do. Thought he asked for other teleport options. My bad!
  7. Will have a look at the permissions, wasn't aware that you can share bot code.

    The teleport options won't be hard indeed, I just have very little (read: no) time to maintain bots.
  8. So you want a bother that uses other houses or your own?
  9. Other houses since I dont have the con level to make a guilded altar.
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    Bump still need this
  10. Working on it, just need an account :p
  11. I'd let you use mine but i've got like 1.5b on it
  12. Glad to know :oops: Hehe, may be a bit missing afterwards ;)
    Kidding, but i cant work on it tonight, i need to sleep, it's 2Am and i have made huge updates to many of my bots :D
    Now time to sleep
  13. Alright thanks, Appreciate that your working on a script bot that I badly need.
  14. Would you like my codes?
  15. Sure, although doesnt your bot work for this already?
  16. Her script bot works but it's only for your own house, it doesnt have a 'use other players house' option
  17. This, I would love to help you out and post my code. That should get you started.
  18. Bump Need this badly!
  19. Relax :D
    I promise i will figure out how to make one of these, just give me some time! I am struggling to keep my bots working as it is.
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    Layout what the bot needs to do and how you want it to do it and i will get it done As soon as i can! I am at a calm in maintaining my bots so i should be able to work on this most of the time.
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