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    May 2, 2019
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    So I've been using this program for 3 days on my osrs account. Works great btw and was liking it so far using paid bots. This morning I logged in and everything equiped and in my bank was gone. I've read some other posts about this and people imediatly discarding everything and any involvement of runemate. So here are some details:

    The only possible way to know my details would be trough RUNEMATE itself
    Brand new pc on the same day as the bot install so there is no chance in hell i got malware on my pc.
    I've never ever been hacked in my life and I've played a crazy amount of online games.
    Nobody else in the world knows my passwords
    Nobody in my family and friends plays this game

    Hopefully it's worth the 6-7M GL
  2. Savior

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    feel free to debug any sorts of connections going from the client to the runemate server. you'll find that the only time it's transferring your accounts login information (IF you enter them into the client) are encrypted. they're encrypted with your runemate login credentials (maybe amongst other things, idk). Technically arbiter could use the rm credentials you're sending to the server by logging into the client to decrypt your players credentials.

    Let's ignore that this is already extremely unlikely, but okay, it is a minor security flaw.

    Now arbiter has hundreds of thousands of player account credentials. What's he gonna do then, just pick random ones? or go after a specific runemate user? there isn't even a guarantee those credentials are valid.

    Runemate sends very few information such as gp in inventory, any rings of duelings equipped, or a part of your quest list, in order to build navigation paths using runemate's web. this data isnt even mapped to a distinct player you've added to your client, just to your runemate user.

    Lets assume he'd go by the accounts with the most wealth currently in the inventory by using the data of a completely different service (it's getting more and more ridiculous as you can see). Now if arbiter logged into these accounts, you would see a lot of users complaining about locked accounts due to suspicious account use, namely differences in IPs, jagex does that pretty easily.

    Now i've seen some ban reports, and i've seen some "hacked" reports, but i've never seen a single "account locked" report on the forums.

    Please do not feel offended, i really just want to make things clear.
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    Apr 1, 2019
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    Unfortunate. Been using runemate over a month. Have 2 hp hunter farm bots attached to runemate and that's it. When I use my.main I manually log him in and then start the bot.

    Imo always have a bank pin, never save the bank pin onto a botting client.always manually enter the bank pin first then start bot.
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  4. dylan.23

    Nov 25, 2016
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    Always use bank pin, always use auth, although ive used runemate for years and never had a problem. Next time better protect your account.
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  5. delta

    Jan 16, 2017
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    I wonder why they haven't stolen hundreds of mills from me..... Weird... (this is just a joke) but they haven't hacked me.

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