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  1. Not accusing Runemate specifically, but I don't discard the posibility. In the last week I tried Topbot, Tribot and Runemate. I've been only using Runemate for the last 4 days. Hope people take this as a warning.
    The hack was surprsingly simple and efficient, lasted for about 1 minute, sold all my valuables, which were not much because I had almost everything I had in cash, about 3M, dropped my runes, because he didn't sell them, and logged off.

    (I was looking around the margins of the gems before, then the hack happened. Im not P2P at the moment so he didn't take any of that stuff)
  2. I highly doubt it's RuneMate that hacked you. Me personally and loads of other people play with high levelled and high valued accounts use RuneMate and nothing happened.

    I don't have a clue what other bots are known for to do, but I'm almost certain that you have some sort of RAT or Java drive by which hijacked your account.
  3. TopBot sounds fishy to me tbh
  4. I can guarantee you it was not Runemate, as a scriptwriter here I can tell you there is a process our scripts bots go through. One of course is after they are finished, before they are made public, they are scanned by one of the smartest men on this site to make sure they are legit and not filled with any potential dangerous coding.
  5. Well I can't help but notice that you claim to be botting for four days now, yet you signed up wednesday.

    Also, I think you're onto something. Maybe @Arbiter is risking his business to steal $2 worth of gold from you after all..
  6. Tuesday
    Pretty sure that's 4 days.
  7. Joined:

    is what is showing for me
  8. Gold generators don't work...
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  9. Man, you didn't lose much so just get over it. Use RuneMate longer and see for yourself.
  10. If what you lost is such a concern I would suggest just running a bot that makes you money and installing a bank pin on your account.
  11. Well... why use RuneMate after you got "hacked"?
  12. Poor guy. Let me send you a mate coin to make up for your loss.
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  13. None of those botting websites you listed hacked you.(99.9% sure)
  14. I can attest to your claim. I do not use any other botting program other than runemate and me and my friend who are using the same runemate account got hacked. Two different computers, so it was not a virus. Some runemate developers may not be hackers, but I know for certain it was the same person on runemate because the recent ips matched. Im in Indiana and my friend who uses it is in New Zealand so yeah, you guys do have hackers

    Also, it has to be a keylogger as well because my friend uses an authenticator and you can't put an authenticator on in runemate. Not looking for sympathy or refund, just letting the community know
  15. Gravedigging much. RuneMate doesn't hack peoples accounts, simple as that. And bot authors can't have hacked you either. Every single bot release and update is personally reviewed line for line by @Cloud and @Arbiter themselves to ensure nothing phishy is going on, and I'm pretty sure bots with obvious mischievous behaviour are automatically rejected by the pushing system.
  16. But why do you think it was someone on RuneMate? Just because it is the only botting client you used?
    There are far more ways to hack an account than just infecting a botting client.
    It may be the gold generator you tried, or the fake forum link you followed to vote for d claws or something.
  17. Stay off shady Russian porn sites.
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  18. It's not gravedigging. I got hacked so I investigated runemate hackings and would you look at that. Something turned up, Oh yeah, and it was the same examples with part of my bank gone and everything was sold in a minute. Oh yeah, and someone else who is only connected to me through the runemate account got hacked too. Someone did it, whether you like to believe it or not.
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    oh that's a little rude now don't you think. I'm very secure with my account and I don't think any of those would be a possibility. I'm 21 years old and I simply don't have the patience to do agility, so I downloaded rune mate and suggested it to my friends, saying how great it was and how amazing the bot is. then we get hacked. I do not need money, sitting at 450mil bank. not anymore though. so I would never use that, nor do I need free dclaws from a random website. I'm very keen to these types of fishing websites and viruses that can be aqcuired off of non-rs sites. But i love how you get super defensive even though im clearly just stating what happened to me
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    Wasn't trying to offend any of the script bot makers or arbiter or cloud, as the bot ran great and i was able to get 17 agility levels safe and sound. Was a great program, the only problem that I have is that the only thing that connected me and my friends accounts were rune mate, he got hacked yelling at me because I said this site and bot was safe. I also got hacked and it happened the same day. Coincidental is all, great bots though they work like a charm
  19. Stay away from the YouTube videos that have titles like this "RUENCAPE GOLD GENERATOR 2016 [working] [2016]". Even though the video is 3 years old. Gold generators don't exist or there would be a lot of rich people from selling gold and eventually make gold value diminish.-

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