OSRS hacked?

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  1. I was playing earlier this evening using MassFighter to level my combat a little. My account is 3 days old.

    I was in the same room to keep an eye on it, untill I went off to take a piss and get a drink. When I got back I found the game on the login screen.
    I tried to log back in, but it said my account was already logged in and wait 60 sec before trying again. I tried to log back in several times, but kept getting the same message. I even closed the client and restarted it but still same thing.

    Went to look this message up on google and there it suggested to try a different world. So I did and it worked.
    Then I found myself in front of lumbridge castle, on the spot where new players and players who get killed spawn, without my armor.
    Checked my bank and saw my gold and some stuff like ores, gems etc. was gone too.

    I've never been hacked before on runescape or other games.
    I just scanned my PC with several progs, but found nothing.

    So I have no clue on how this happend....
  2. A mate of yours probably jacked your shit.
  3. I have no real life friends who play runescape or know my password.
    My password is a mix of letters, numbers, lower, case and capitals and is not a word.
    Also checked my email if someone else logged in, but only my IP is logged in the login history
  4. Well based on that information you can rule out being 'hacked'. Like insomniac said you probably got robbed.. your ip log history points to someone in your household using your computer and that's all you would really need is access to the wireless network/cpu and then you can go about using keyloggers etc. Other than that maybe a remote desktop connection that was made recently?
  5. Not sure if I understand correctly.
    But noone in my house goes on my computer. My router is secured and I already scanned my PC for keyloggers etc. with several apps.
  6. What I'm basically saying is that if no one is listed as making a connection to Runescape with any computer but yours and no one would ever use your computer it is impossible for anyone else to have taken it. If you were holding your items or armor on you and you died while using the massfighter it could explain both why you are in Lumbridge and why you are missing items.
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  7. I thought too that I might have died at first, but im also missing a bunch of stuff in my bank, including all my gold. So it still doesnt make any sense
    And I was around lvl 30 in full armor fighting lvl 2 mobs. When I left the PC I was at full health and may have been gone for max 10 minutes.
  8. It wasn't me I know that much.
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  9. Mass fighter has gotten me 5 99's over 18 days of boting (playing time) and i have had lots of gold and items and nothing has ever happened to me.
  10. How do you explain that "EvilCabbage"?
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  11. Is it possible that you logged in deadman mode or you were in pvp world before?
  12. I was just checking that and I believe I was in world 393 - Clan Wars at that moment. I had not been in wildy or anything pvp related.
    Also I'm F2P, so I can't join a Deadman world
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  13. What were you doing at clanwars on f2p? it's dead AF.
  14. That world is just as populated as most of the F2P worlds. There just happend to be noone else on the spot where I was training unlike other worlds where there were 2 other players on that spot.
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    Yesterday I send a message to Jagex asking if they could check if a different IP address was used to login.
    They confirmed someone else had logged into my account.

    I still don't know how though.
  15. Possible that you logged in somehwhere other place than your pc, and there is a keylogger installed?
  16. Most RATs can gain control over your PC so that they can kill processes, control your mouse etc. Sounds like RAT to me.
  17. Really? That's freakin sweet
  18. Yeah but it also got me a 48 hour ban 2 weeks ago however i accept 99.99% of the blame for that as i was botting upto 20 hours a day which was just stupid.
  19. Ah okay, yeah as long as you do safe botting its pretty hard to get banned, 20+ hrs makes sense
  20. Yeah you're right mate, i'm waiting for spectre now or some kind of update as i'm probably being watched a bit more closely at the moment.

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