RS3 Hardcore Ironman Progress

Discussion in 'Goals' started by dog_, May 14, 2015.

  1. was bored so I thought I'd start one.
    Day 1: 14-05-2015
    Day 2: 15-05-2015

    Was mainly doing quests today, reached 28 quest points! Hoping to complete dragon slayer sometime this weekend.

    Day 3: 16-05-2015
    Achieved 26 fishing and 30 cooking, did a bit of combat too. Was too sick to do more
    Day 4: 20-05-2015
    exam week not stopping me from playin rs

    Day 5: 24-05-2015
    rip no screenshots

    -----------------------------------------500 total level reached-----------------------------------------

    Day 6: 25-05-2015

    Everything is being done without the use of bots.
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  2. Good luck. Any goals?
  3. Spammer grtz on 1000 posts feg0t hope you achieve 1million posts

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  4. Short term goal: Get my first non-botted 99
    Long term: max
  5. That's some pretty sick goals for a hardcore iron woman. What skill first?

    The based #PostCountGod has blessed me with a thousand suns.
  6. will probably be a combat stat
  7. nerd
    jk gl man
  8. Or woman? Have you ever thought about that! Huh?

    I guees you can say @dog_ likes it hardcore o_O:rolleyes::eek::confused::cool: hahaha

  9. Good luck, you really have to be self sufficient to do iron man, i seen a hardcore ironwoman was killed by an ice giant last night. I kind of lol'd.
  10. Whenever I see those broadcast messages I just facepalm at them... and kinda feel sad haha.

    OT: Good luck with your HC Ironwoman, hope to see some good progress here! :)
  11. Gl with HCIM. I have a IM of my own with around 2285 total, non botted. Gets extremely grindy, but highly rewarding :p

    Hit me up if you ever need advice on anything IM related.
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  12. Get a high runecrafting, fish alot first and cook alot.
    Goodluck! :)
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  13. Just some friendly advice, you should probably remove your game name from this thread :p
  14. Why?
  15. Hahaha yeah, they had a decent total level aswell!
  16. Good luck cafebabe. You'll fall in the lovely arms of a mistress called botting soon enough though. ;)
  17. I thought you were botting it but I just read that everything will be done without bots so I guess you're safe there. Even so they might watch your account or accounts associated with the IP you play on just because you posted your name on a botting website.
  18. Nope Jagex won't ban unless I've botted this year.
  19. k
  20. updated progress, this has been really fun so far

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