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  1. So if you're like most people on here that have trouble with a low FPS (lag) while using the runemate client, then you you've come to the right place for help with that. First of all, let me just say this might not be a guarantee fix, this is just what I have found that fixed it for me. All I have done is followed the guide to make the run.bat file and then I just did as explained below.

    Again, before you read this, this is assuming you're having trouble when you're using full-screen.

    EoC Guide:
    First you will need to click on your settings tab.

    Once you click on that you will see this and you need to click on "Select a Preset"

    Once you've done that a dropdown box will appear and you will need to select "Old School"

    You're final outcome will make is a fixed screen and it will look very similar to OSRS, but with all your EoC settings.

    And here's a guide for all you folks that still enjoy playing in Legacy mode.

    Legacy Guide:
    Very similar to the first guide. First you will need to click on your settings tab.

    Next you will get a pop-up looking like this and you will need to select "Graphics Settings"

    You then need to click "Fixed" no pun intended, but this pretty much fixes it. ;)

    It should come out looking like this.

    Like I said, this worked for me. Let me know if this doesn't work and I will try to help you out with it. Feel free to post on here or PM me asking me questions about this. And if you don't know how to set up the run.bat file ask and I can guide you through it.
  2. Makes sense.
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  3. i'v been suffering from low fps since i'v been doomed to use my craptop for 3 months now and haven't really been able to even use some of the bots couldn't deal with the lag and miss clicking horribly everywhere truely painful to watch anyways i did all the run .bat stuff worked a bit but still wasn't fixed
    so i went into settings > advanced then unchecked display overlays to see what would happen and badabing badaboom client runs smoothy now.

    so if you in a situation where a 4yo laptop is the only option remove overlays

    also turning the refresh rate to 0 was a big thing actually
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  4. Interesting solution. Did this happen for all bots you tried running? If not, then it implies an improper use in paint by the Bot Author.
  5. i sent u a PM regarding something that cud help lower cpu usage as well i seen it make a big difference
  6. yes the lagg was pritty universal even without running a bot
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  7. Holy shit yes, disabling overlays and refresh rate 0 got me back to 50fps, had like 9 before that!

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