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  1. [​IMG] So, any bot that I press "add" on bot store, will not appear on the bot selection screen
    On top of that it seems maxi fisher began bugging out to, as there's one spot in barb village, if it has to go to the bank, instead it will just click on the fishing spot, only happens on a certain spot.

    Red pointer shows where you'd be standing green will show where the bot will try to click repeatedly

    So if you're full inv and it has to bank in that spot, it will just bug out and stay there for ages trying to click on nothing.
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  3. Regarding the bot not showing up, you are likely trying to add a bot that does not support your game mode (RS3 or OSRS). Double check the game mode support on the Bot Store. Regarding MaxiFisher, you will have to seek support in the specific bot's support and feedback thread. This forum section is reserved for client issues, not bot issues.
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  4. Thank you for your help; have a good day

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