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  1. SlashnHax submitted a new resource:

    Hax Barbarian Fisher - Uses the Barbarian fishing method to fish at Otto's grotto. Guts fish for bait and drops roe.

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  2. This seems to load your web extender rather than the barbarian fishing bot.
  3. Yep also getting your Web Extender on my end :p
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  4. Getting web exteneder..
  5. @SlashnHax please fix this would love to use it!
  6. I've pushed through an update, but it may take a while, around 500 files changed since last push xD
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  7. Lol opens Alpha Diviniation what
  8. Yeah no idea why, afaik it shouldn't be happening and I don't think it's an issue on my behalf :/
  9. Great bot so far :)

  10. For some appearend reason it got stuck on the otherside of the river where there is not spot :p
  11. It gets stuck a lot. I would have a look at it. It's not very fast at all.
  12. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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