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  1. HaxSpawner

    Start the script bot outside of the bank, where you want your Familiar to start spawning.
    Select the Familiar you want to use in the GUI.
    Check "Use Preset 1" if you want to use preset 1 to bank (Highly recommended).
    Your preset should contain a Familiar Pouch, Scrolls, and also Summoning potions if you want to use them.

    Optimal setup:
    Starting position.
    Outside of a bank, but not too far away.

    Preset setup:
    Scrolls, 1 Summoning potion, rest empty.

    Action Bar:
    How to cast specials via actionbar:
    1. [​IMG]

    2. [​IMG]

    3. Click and drag the wolf head from the actionbar to a slot.
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  2. It doesnt work, when I start it i run to bank and spam clicking on casting the spawn thing but nothing happens because you cant spawn in bank, I tried starting bot in bank and also out of bank but didnt work anyway. I tried in castle wars and also in edge.
  3. Start the bot where you want the familiar to spawn, so outside of the bank. I'll post an example setup as well as how to make "Cast x" an actionbar ability.
  4. Okey now i am able to spawn and pick fruit but when I run to bank it just opens bank and closes it and run back to spot where I was casting spawn spell and then run back to bank and repeat that same thing. I tried with preset and also without it but the same thing happend.

    I tried other location bank and I could actually bank but now im again trying to spawn fruit in bank and now im stucked again.
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  5. Updated the main post, let me know how it runs with that setup please :)
  6. works nicely, thanks :]
  7. Feel free to let me know if there's anything that you think could be changed :)
  8. So i start near edge bank, script bot summons a spider. runs to bank, windraws preset 1, and start spamming cast special in bank, and that it.
  9. Do you have a pouch in your preset?
  10. exact same happens for me, but with bat.
  11. Yeah, I accidentally broke the bit where it runs back to where you started. Should be fixed next patch.
  12. Spirit cobra update pls?
  13. A few changes coming soon.

    1. The script bot no longer requires a pouch in the inventory.
    2. The script bot now uses a single spawn point approach instead of a roaming approach.

    Spirit Cobra functionality pushed to top priority for next update.
  14. i press start for the bot to start working and before a gui or anything pops up it crashed instantly
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