hBananaPicker 1.0.0

Start at castle wars. Read the bot thread for full instructions.

  1. Hakuna Matata submitted a new resource:

    hBananaPicker - Start at castle wars. Read the bot thread for full instructions.

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  2. Members is a requirement.
  3. nice will be sure to test this bot out sounds like good money making :)
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    btw is it easy to get banned doing this?
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    can u make it osrs?:/
  4. does this have basket support?
  5. Read the thread.
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    Don't know.
    Nope, I don't play OSRS.
  6. whoops didnt see the basket part
  7. can you also add a ship waypoint to the deposit box
  8. It's a very great script bot...

    There's two freezings at the moment. When its teleport using the amulet to Karamja, when got there, its keep frozen, waited for 5min, still no moviment at all, so you have to click on them on the middle of the trees, so it start picking. Easy to solve just add a click to go some walk feets.
    Second one is when pick with the second button, sometimes it freeze on the choose option box... Easy too, just click off the box, and then it will start.

    And the last which is not a bug, but when you mark the option for using the preset1, its tough because amulet(3) its distinct from amulet(2) for example, so you will have to had lots of presets, like 8 to fullfill all the rings+amulets alternatives.

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  9. Hi

    Firstly, thanks for making the script bot.
    Feedback: It works well in terms of picking bananas and adding them to basket in musa point.
    It did not work for me in telporting from castle wars to musa point. I have an amulet of glory equipped, in the bank and in the quick action bar. I also had the ring of duelling equipped, in the action bar and in the bank. I could not find the bot thread for full instructions... please let me know if i am missing something. I think this script bot has great potential. Thanks

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