RS3 HC Ironman Road to Completionist Cape!

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  1. I'm pretty bored of Runescape and don't have much to do in my free time so I decided to create a hardcore ironman account and attempt to max and eventually get completionist cape. I am going to try my best to update my stats and progress as much as I can to show my progress on the long adventure :)

    *Start date 9/30/15*

    If you can give me any goals I should go for feel free to comment and I'll add them to the thread :) Also any donations towards a bond are well appreciated and will be thanked!

    Red: not yet completed
    Yellow: In progress
    Greed: Completed
    • Lumbridge Easy/Medium Tasks
    • Varrock Easy/Medium Tasks

    Day 1
    I did a few quests and ended up finishing the task system and Lumbridge Easy tasks :)
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  2. I wish you the very best of luck. Focus on getting quests and finishing achievement diaries.
  3. will do, i know i can get it done i just need the motivation :)
  4. Start with easy, med, hard, expert lumby, and all f2p quests. then all 50 in skills. then all quests you can do, and start going for a 99.

    Also, post progress a little late. Its very easy to find HCIM on hiscores with specific stats, since only so many users have it. I botted 120 thieving on a level 3, and if you look at a hiscore for only level 3's, theres only two of us. and one hasnt logged for months, so its basically displaying what account is mine.

    Goodluck man.
  5. very nice lol, what did you bot/script bot did you use for 99 thieving on a lvl 3 ?
  6. private script bot. Thieving chosher.

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