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    My ONLY discord: buyinghcacc#4095

    Price : $100


    Price : $80

    Currently Only Accepting paypal, you can choose to pay in OSRS GP but, the price will be much higher!

    All details provided upon purchase!

    Some accounts come with a linked email which you would have all the details for and some completely unregistered, please specify which you would like but, it really doesn't matter which you choose, it is the same security!

    Feel free to requests accounts and builds!

    I only tend to sell regular Ironman if a hardcore dies in wintertodt which is very very rarely, I wouldn't expect anyone to want a regular over a hardcore anyway as it doesn't make sense. Feel free to request one or services though.


    Hello! My 99 Firemaking Hardcore and regular Ironman accounts are the best on the market. Most people who sell these accounts do not train construction, mine do and I am yet to see others. They do not idle in Wintertodt after 500 points, they continue the entire game, A LOT OF BANKED CRATES ARE 750-1000+ POINTS WHICH MEANS MORE LOOT ROLLS PER CRATE! You can find the Wintertodt drop table for loots here: Wintertodt

    My accounts always come with 600-650+ banked Wintertodt crates and the monks friend quest completed. Please bare in mind Wintertodt crates scale off your levels WHEN you OPEN the crate, if you save some in the bank for when your stats relevant to Wintertodt loot are higher you have better chances at higher tier loot! Wintertodt is the most efficient way to start an Ironman, the loot you get from crates trains certain beneficial skills to jump start you into questing and other activities asap!

    If you would like ANY kind of services doing on the accounts before buying let me know as I'd be happy too! I do offer Hardcore and Ironman services. I am an ex top page Hardcore Ironman of the OldSchool RuneScape Hiscores who is VERY efficient at the game.

    Benefits of buying these accounts

      • Phoenix Pet chance!
      • Dragon Axe chance!
      • Tome Of Fire chance!
      • 100% guaranteed full Pyromancer outfit!
      • Lots of crates for early exp gains!
      • The Firemaking cape is best in slot for early game and acts as a light source!
    Accounts are botted and rested unless otherwise stated.
    Feel free to request hand trained, I do this too!

    ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡TERMS OF SERVICE⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    I will NEVER message you first on discord! In the rare chance I would have confirmed it ON SITE FIRST. ALWAYS ask for an on site message. I am not responsible for you being scammed, please, ALWAYS confirm my identity before trading.

    By reading this and contacting me you AUTOMATICALLY agree to my Terms Of Service.

    After you buy an account from me and receive it I am not responsible for any offences received on the account, once it's in your hands it's your problem.

    I will ALWAYS assist you to unlock or recover an account bought from me if it is needed but, after one month I do hold the right to decline if I feel there is a good enough reason. I will never be responsible.

    I do not offer refunds after you have bought an account from me unless I state otherwise.

    If you re sell an account bought from me that is fine but you MUST contact me and let me and let me know. I will NEVER be responsible for my accounts being resold.

    If there is set in stone PROOF I WILL recover an account bought from me if it is used to SCAM.

    I will NEVER bot on your account for a service, even if you ask me too.

    You MUST pay first.

    Once I start a service I am not held responsible for any offences the account may receive.

    I am NEVER responsible for your account before, during or after a service.

    If I die on an account that is a Hardcore Ironman I will recreate it to the exact same stats, items, exp AND refund you in full.

    You MUST pay the Paypal fee.

    Services will ALWAYS be hand trained.

    Zelfraction's Feedback Profile | PlayerAuctions

    Feel free to request these accounts to be put on player auctions but the price will be MUCH HIGHER!

    You can find me on other sites too.

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