Heeeeeelp please!

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  1. What is the song played at the beginning of the client when its first opened up!?

    Thanks :D
  2. its an runescape private server ad, so there is no song name for it , but you can try to find it :p
  3. When ads turns out to be something positive:eek:
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  4. hahaha right?! the song is soo catchy! does anyone know the name of it?
  5. Your post is really confusing because of the youtube video you have in your signature. xD
  6. reminds me i have to put a new one
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  8. If you have a microphone, turn up your sound and use midomi.com
  9. get shazam on your phone its great!
  10. I remember when I first heard it I like it too, But then I upgraded and never heard it again.
  11. That song is so ratchet lmao
  12. i think u guys mean the one from joey badass right?
  13. yeah i found it hahah ty all

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