RS3 Hefin Agility Course

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Born2Pizza, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. I know the Alpha Agility does the Priff Agility Course but unfortunately it doesn't bank the loot you get from the light creature. Could anyone make a script bot for this course that banks the loot and if possible maybe uses shortcuts? Would be huge, 77-99 agility would be afkable then instead of babysitting it every 2 hours to bank the items.
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  2. I feel you, I recently began using the alpha agility bot, and if I want to train at hefin, I have to babysit the account, pretty frustrating. I do wish it gets fixed soon.

    However, I'd like to suggest, that you use the advanced barbarian agility bot. it gets like 60k/h exp, and it works well for the time being. Just set it up, go to bed, and grab some zzz's. 89-95 (on main) 71-97(on alt) NO ban so far at adv barb outpost.
  3. Oh I didn't know the experience was that good at advanced barbarian course. I will try that out, thanks!

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