hello everyone its moped!

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  1. whats up everyone, im super excited to be apart of this community. I have some good bot training from the people at srl, so if anyone wants or needs help with basic botting techniques or just a tip or 2 not to get banned lol, let me know :) and as i side gig i also sell gold from probably the cheapest you can get!
  2. Hi Moped, great to see another member i'm pretty new myself but everyone so far is extremely helpful and pleasant and the client it's self rocks! which is a bonus
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  3. yeah im using alot of them already and the community so far is amazing. Helpful and very educated :)
  4. Welcome mate.
  5. I've never donated to any runescape botting websites but these guys deserve it, hopefully the community keeps growing however quality over quantity i'd say so far.
  6. Welcome to RuneMate :)
  7. I have a moped!

    Welcome tot RuneMate. :)
  8. lol no way!? is it a account name :p thanks btw
  9. [​IMG]

  10. haha awesome :p

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