Hello everyone!

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  1. I've been botting since 2006 (don't have ANY java knowledge though.) and so far it feels like ALL the other bots keep getting banned. Been doing an old bot account and I have gotten it up to decent stats using my own "break system", just botting the times I would have the time to play. Turning off before I go to sleep.

    Although, I've tried almost every other bot out there atm. And after 2 days no bans using RuneMate. I am really happy!

    Thanks staff/bot writers/everyone! :)
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  2. Hey man, welcome to our forums! :)
  3. Welcome! Enjoy the bots, just make sure you keep botting smart. :)
  4. Welcome man - you'll enjoy it here.
  5. Thanks a lot!
    Thanks, I will! Using the other bots, I feel it doesn't matter how you do it.
    Thanks! I hope so :D
  6. Botting smart is botting with RuneMate:p

    To OP: Welcome to RuneMate, man! It's good to see some veterans here:)
  7. Thanks mate.
    "Veteran Botter" nice title haha. :)
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  8. Whale cum to you sir. ;)
  9. Thank you fine sir. ;)
  10. Why, hello there. I doubt Runemate will fail to reach your expectations ;)
  11. Hello there, so far I am really amazed. :)
  12. Welcome to the community, man.
    Dang 2006, you've been around for quite a bit. :)
    Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything!
  13. Welcome to RuneMate! So far out of every bot program I've used this one has been the safest. I've been only banned once but that was my fault for running a glitchy nature bot 24/7. But still running strong on a f2p chicken bot now for 4-5 days running 24/7 and my main now for almost 2 1/2 months with barely any breaks. (I wouldn't suggest that though.)

    Enjoy your stay!
  14. Yeah, I've been a RuneScape "player" for a while ;)
    Will do mate!

    To begin, Thanks!
    And so far from my side aswell, I feel like this bot is the safest one.

    I wouldn't risk my main as it is atm, but I may do it to get 99 woodcutting (92 atm.)
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