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    My name is Paul, and I've been botting rs since about a year before RSB was released. I'm a 20yo college student in the US enrolled in an electrical engineering technology program.

    I started out at powerbot, moved to RSB shortly after it came about and stayed there until the bot nuke. I have briefly tried a few clients since then but hadn't found any that I considered worthwhile until Runemate.

    I'm mainly here because I wanted to learn a programming language. I took a basic assembly course as part of my college education, so I know some basic programming principles, but I'm more interested in learning a higher level language like Java. I started off by going through about 60 thenewboston tutorials along with a few other online resources, but I was getting bored going through them without ever using what I was learning to do something. So hopefully making some basic bots here as I continue learning will keep things fresh.
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    Welcome AF
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