Hello! got a few questions

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  1. Hello I am new to Rs 3, but i botted a lot osrs in the past.

    Could you please tell me how the banrate is compared to osrs? higher or lower or same?

    do they ban temp or perma on first attempt?

    What skills / times are risky?

    thank you all!

    Btw I am 0liver from another site maybe someone here know me.
  2. Doesn't really matter between osrs and rs3.

    RuneMate is undetected on both, so it DOES NOT matter.

    People think osrs is higher ban rate but MORE people of on osrs so obv the bans are skewed. Anyways, play safe.
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  3. why is it undetected? is it mirroring the client or injecting the code ?
  4. Dunno.
  5. Its "is mirroring the game" (reflection). And osrs is higher ban rate because alot more people see you on your way of walking through the map. Jages anti bot system relies on greedy people who report bots.
  6. thank you.

    any risky skills? (rs3)
    do you think double exp days will rise banrate?
  7. I am not a runescape player so i don't know much about skills where you can have higher ban rate as i don't know how they work. But i do kknow, bank skills are very low ban rate and so is with divination if botting properly.

    yes if botted incorrectly.
  8. Skills that make you lots of money are monitored by Jagex, so the risk is increased
    ex. Hunter, Divination

    If you bot smart , you shouldn't get banned at all :)
    I've been using RuneMate for over a year and I haven't been banned yet on my main.
  9. may i ask how many hours straight what breaks ect ?
    thank you son
  10. Really depends on what you're training.
    I bot a few hours with breaks (sometimes the bot itself has a break system in place already), otherwise I pause the bot at random times. Then I do some activities by myself, like talking in my clan or buying supplies, questing etc.
  11. I botted 5 days straight using my break algorithm on divination.Made huge moniz lulz and not a single account of mine banned since i started here (2 years ago)
  12. Banrates are dependent on the bot and the botter, nothing else.
  13. People surrounding the botter. you is wrong

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