hello, i didnt know Arbiter was here :P

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by possived, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. hey im new here and would just like to say hi, also i think arbiter kicks ass if its the same person who made the bots back in the day :p
  2. Welcome to RuneMate :)
  3. Welcome to RumeNate :)
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  4. Ola! Be sure to check out my signature, that should help you to set up the bot.

    I do believe this is our beloved @Arbiter ! But don't forget about the man, the legend, the guy of all the wet java dreams @Cloud

    Finishing off my drunk toilet post, welcome and have a nice time. I hope to see you not only leeching the client and scripts bots, but also communicate!

  5. Yeah, it's the same Arbiter. Enjoy your stay :)
  6. Welcome to the community. :)
    It is indeed the same Arbiter from RSBuddy and Arbibots.
  7. Welcome young paddawan.
  8. certainly not a leecher, i dont plan on using anyone elses script bot until i have coded my own, however its difficult ive just started however ill get the hang of it though, only script bot ive used is tutorial island by maxi, but made that promise to myself to not use no one else's scripts bots until i can programme my own, i probably wont have much use for other peoples when i learn myself, i can make my own bots with less chance of a ban :p
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    and also thanks to everyone who commented seems like a really nice community :)
  9. Less change of a ban? Good luck learning to code, I find it quite interesting!

    The community is nice indeed :)
  10. Hey there, the community sucks but bot is cool, enjoy :p
  11. Fuck you, there are nice people here <3
  12. yeahh less chance of a ban if i make my own scripts bots :p i can write bots to train in certain places no bots go :p
  13. Interesting, pm me what you have in mind. I am just curious...

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