Hello, im not saying that this botting client is detected.

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  1. Hi, i have used this bot for two weeks or so and on three accounts ive been PERM banned, its not out of expectation but ive been doing legit stuff aswell. As in not bot more than 4-5 hrs a day or taking breaks with the bot such as pause and go to login screen for an hr or so as i usually do, i continued my farming runs and so on. I dont mean to put the client and RuneMate in a bad spot im just pointing out that i got banned on three diffrent accounts and you should be careful for yours.

    http://gyazo.com/3b6260a60adb2ffd53082ba30673059d - non gold farming legit playing aswell as typing pretty much all the time in chat when people wrote to me. (2 weeks of usage)

    http://gyazo.com/337dc7ba8a5dfb2361a936e6a10a4d3a - gold farming not typing back doing some side activitys. (got banned after 1 week of using)
  2. If the client WAS detected we'd see everyone getting banned just for using the client to login, like was seen on powerbot. As this is not the case you either just had bad luck, used a bot that was buggy/not very humanlike or were already on some sort of watch list due to past botting.
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  3. Ive been running three different accounts + a couple goldfarming bots on runemate. the goldfarming bots were new accounts, other 3 were old. None have been banned yet. Client cant be detectable, its all about botting smart.
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  4. Prodigy how are you running 6 different bots with a 3 client limit? Just curious :)
  5. Being a supporter makes you able to run more than 3 i think.
  6. he could not have been running them all at the same time.
  7. pretty sure supporter limit is 3 :), regular user is 1 iirc
  8. I can run 2 atleast and i'm a normal member
  9. For every dollar you donate each week, you get another bot instance. So if you donate $1 you get 4 instances, donate $2 you get 5 instances etc
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    If the limit is 3 for normal users (can't remember)
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  10. oh shit i didnt know that xD
  11. okay that seems fair enough, as i said i didnt say it was detected but it felt like it, i used various scripts bots and also paid ones mostly, anyways it doesnt bother me that i got banned and yes i probably just were unlucky :)
  12. Normal user gets two, for every $1 donation it's plus 1 instance.
  13. RS3 or OSRS?
  14. Ah so $1 supporters get 3.
  15. Correct Aidden.

    And the client isn't detectable since i've been botting 24/7 in like one and a half month now on my skiller :p
  16. Yep.
  17. Here is my 2 cents.

    You logged in on more scrutinised clients, before coming to runemate, thus flagging your account getting you watched.
    You come to runemate after hereing how amazeballs it is, and get a delayed ban, take account 1 for instance, 3 major botting offences? why 3? well maybe offence 1 rsbot, offence 2 osbot, offence 3 caught up with you ban.

    Second account, banned because account one caught, cain link ban, you sir are flagged.
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  18. It's already been said, but I guess I'll rephrase it. You might have used a faulty bot, which flagged your accounts. Sometimes it's just all about luck. Sorry to hear about the accounts, though.
  19. I've used RM on my main since the release and I've never been banned.
    I've even used it on a freshly created account, with a disposable email, which was level 3 and it managed to fill jugs with water until it reached 10M for a bond. I have never been banned when using RuneMate.
  20. Agree

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