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Discussion in 'General' started by soldieranno, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. i looking to buy a laptop because im goning away for a long time on holiday so what are the requirements for runescape oldschool ore what best laptop to use for it i got 150-250 euro to spend
  2. Sorry but I don't think you can find any laptop for 150-250 which is able to run runescape with a certain stability. :/
  3. Why don't you try to find a cheap 2nd hand laptop for €250? Screw it open, clean the fans, reinstall windows, and you should have a machine that works.
  4. check second hand market mate :)
  5. well i got a laptop a intel celeron cpu b800 1.50 ghz 3gb of ram for a price of 150 euro i could have gotten hp intel i5 2.56 ghz and 8 gb ram for 250 but i didnt had to time to get the hp now i got diffrent one but intel celeron is more then i need for runescape oldschool and client runemate im happy and laptop isnt to big.
  6. Hmm... Never get a laptop from HP, i sell them in the store i work at, and we always hear the same problem... the cooling SUX!
  7. cut open a new ventilation hole, that is what I did when my hp started getting bad, also reapply the thermal paste
  8. well lets hope every thing goes well until im home dis one hp to model number is hp 630 i got extra cooling to, like those coolingpads
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  9. Nice. My laptop is from 2009 and often gets dusty so I just clean the vent with a vacuum. Works each time.
  10. i heard its prety bad to use a vacuum to clean a laptop but maybe il try it out
  11. Yeah, that's what I heard a while back, too. I used a can of compressed air to try and do it, but that did nothing because it kept overheating. Since I used a vacuum on it a few days ago it's been running like a charm.

    Do it at your own risk though, bud. My computer is old so I had nothing to lose. :p
  12. dis not my computer its a old laptop that im using back at my house i got custom build pc
  13. Oops, I meant that I did it for my laptop. :)

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