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  1. Hi.

    I am neck.

    I was once on several other botting sites under different names, though I didn't post much and was generally pretty mean (I was a grumpy child).

    I am now not as grumpy.
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  2. He's still grumpy as fuck.
    Source: I talk to him every day.
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  3. verified probably the grumpiest person alive. probably because he's still stuck in normal grand exchange
  4. Still grumpy as shit.
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  5. Hey, welcome.
    I welcome you to roast me if you get grumpy. :)
  6. I recognize your name from somewhere.

    The name I generally used was Rammy, and I mostly just talked to my pals Brody and Phallus all day. Sadly Brody moved on to some new areas of work that I was not so comfortable with and Phallus got a girlfriend which made him start going outside.
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  8. fucking phallus yeah i know him
    was wondering where he went off to
  9. another ariana fanboy
  10. Don't worry pal, I was an Ariana fanboy before it was cool I swear.

    This site uses gravatar and I've been too lazy to swap my gravatar picture to something else. I'll get around to it one day.
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  11. I was just joking m8, if you're into that shiet then i don't mind :p. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Oh I'm definitely in to Ari, but the avatar was automatically set by gravatar from a few years ago. Swapped it earlier anyway.
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  13. The Brody? His free Jads service was a truly remarkable one.
  14. Yeah, same guy.

    Same guy who banned Sonic and sold mass amounts of Arma II: Combined Operations keys at a discounted price too.
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  15. Wasn't Sonic framed? Anyhow, I didn't care then nor do I care now, as I didn't know him. However, A LOT of people made a commotion out of it though.
  16. lol, he was his own imposter. Nobody framed him, but he obviously didn't want to admit that he had been scamming people. He was friends with WinAwesome and a few other staff/reputable members, so they all fought for him. Evidence doesn't lie though. Brody used a Skype resolver and the IP of some of his imposter Skypes had the exact same IP as his actual Skype. WinAwesome then tried to get Brody unmodded and banned for having an account on a booter website, because according to him there is no legitimate reason to have one.

    Nobody wants their friend to be a faggot.
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  17. I've seen this kinds of situations a lot of times. A seemingly "trusted" guy scams other people and ends up banned, and then all of a sudden 100s of people starts backing him up... I'm glad that The Brody banned him :)

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