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  1. Its my first time using a bot client and so far I enjoy it but I was wondering, what is the ban rate for players using runemate bots?
  2. As you might understand, there is no real numbers or formula available to calculate an accurate banrate per bot let alone for the whole client.

    Follow these guidelines and make sure you use high quality bots for the best botting experience.
  3. 3 days botting with only 1-2 hour breaks to play CSGO.

    Still not banned.

  4. thanks for advice, helps a lot, turns out i was already doing many things on that list.
  5. That's always great to hear! Good luck
  6. As of right now the ban rate is pretty low compared to other sites, but the key word is moderation.

    Welcome to the community. :)
  7. Nigga this thread is from three months ago, do I have to ban you for gravedigging or something?
  8. Threads on the first page are from March, it's never too late to give advice muh nigga. ;)

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