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  1. After some searching I came across RuneMate, I havent been botting rs3 since the first bot nuke and I'm very excited, so far this community has been very promising!

    I will be around for as long as my account stays unbanned, please do tell me how your accounts are doing, hearing progress from others is always fun!
  2. Gotten 4 99's with it now on my near maxed main.
  3. I haven't received a single ban yet. This bot is definitely one of the, if not the, best out there.
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  4. Thank you, it sounds very good and I hope I can get far myself.
    I'm not really sure what script bot to use for melee combat purposes, could anyone put me in the right direction?
  5. I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard that Massfighter is a good one.
  6. I've been hearing that botting in rs3 is completely dead, whats that all about? I thought you got banned near instantly these days.
    I'm gonna check out massfighter, thank you!
  7. Welcome to RuneMate! :)

    I've been botting RS3 for ages now and I have 13 99's, all botted, although I had 9-10 of them before I found RuneMate. I'd say it is easy to get away with botting on RS3 at the moment as long as you watch out for reports and be smart about it.
  8. Welcome aboard, mate.
    Feel free to contact me for any help. :)
  9. Everything is working pretty well at the moment I must say! Some scripts bots works better than others though, thanks to all our scriptwriters!
  10. Welcome to RuneMate.
  11. maxed out with my main, thanks to RuneM8 :D

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