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  1. Hello i am calem,
    i was a script bot writer for simba & powerbot "i want to clarify that i only made 1 powerbot script bot than went to simba" but i have done mostly all the scripts bots i could possibly do there,
    more like lack of people going to that site lol "no pun intended",

    i have been scripting for approximately 4 years now as well as go to school for
    JavaScript Programming Certificate &
    Online IT Certificate Programs,
    More Web than Java but i am going to do all i can do for this website of [​IMG]
    i rarely get free time though to do script bot writing but i will manage,

    I have made a private

    King Black Dragon script bot in the process of weeding out the bugs i may or may not release it to the public depending on how i like the client itself but it is pretty smooth so far here are the bots i will name off i will re-script bot i have completed or working on for runemate

    below is a list of what i want to accomplish here at RUNEMATE.
    well thank you for reading this and will have the greatest scripts bots ever for runescape

    "side note" "no one could beat rsbuddys tho lol"


    Username: calemsx
    Location: portland oregon
    Age: 21
    Particular skills: both JAVA & HTML
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  2. We're not powerbot where you're not allowed to name competitors sites, so feel free to call them by name if you wish :)

    Also, welcome and I hope to use your bots soon, test them out.
  3. okay will do and re-edited it :p

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