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  1. Hi, my name is Marcus. I play football & basketball for my local HS. I am an iOS App Developer part-time. I come from a well-known 07Bot which I've made scripts bots for and came to see what is available here. I compliment you guys on the overall design of the bot itself.
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  2. Great to see you here, hopefully you can develop some scripts bots for us as well :)
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  3. Welcome to RuneMate Wizard. RuneMate is still in Beta, but hopefully will be 100% live soon. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  4. Thanks mate. I look forward to the opportunities here.
  5. Welcome bro, enjoy your stay :)
  6. Thanks mate.
  7. Welcome man, sounds intresting with the ios developer
  8. Thanks mate. And it's pretty difficult unless you know what you're doing. The pay is good though.
  9. Welcome, Marcus.

    Do you plan on scripting for RuneMate?
  10. I used to script bot for OSB some months ago. Kind of lost my touch, one of these days I'll get back into it. Currently working on a project with my job so that's consuming most if not all my time.
  11. I see. Well goodluck with your project and I'd be happy to see scripts bots from you once you have time for it again!

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