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  1. Hey guys,

    It's Whopper here. Many of you may know me from other sites, organizations and projects around the RuneScape community. I originally joined RM in December of last year, however I've failed to post an introduction since then - I know it's tragic. Anyways, here's a little about me:

    I'm 18 years old and am from Texas. I've played RuneScape for many years but have recently quit the game after my main account for 7+ years was permanently banned. Despite quitting, I still enjoy being around the people who've been around me throughout my time on the RuneScape cheating scene, especially those who have been around since the old days. As much as I love surfing the e-net, spending countless hours no lifing forums and such, I love my girlfriend just a tad more. If I'm not here, I'm either spending time with her and friends or working out for football. :p

    That's pretty much it for me. I may add onto this introduction later but to be quite frank I'm lacking the energy to go real in-depth on an introduction for the 10,000th time. Anyways, I hope to see all of you around and getting to better know each of you as time goes by! :)
  2. Great to meet you man!! Can't wait to get to know you a tad better.
  3. Welcome to the Supporter club.
  4. Nice introduction - welcome to the community, Whopper.

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