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  1. Hello,

    I am blahberrys. I discovered rm after I started playing 07scape recently and got banned using powerbot. I'm a moderately experienced botter, I was/am a long time member with autofighter.org until they went M.I.A.

    A little bit about me;
    I will be 21 this september, I study computer science, I've been skateboarding for 2 years and longboarded for 5 (and I consider myself talented at both), Ihuge car enthusiast....

    I also devoted a good majority of time programming minecraft plugins (after working with rsps) and made a decent profit as well as learned a thing or two about working with API's.

    suh dood
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  2. Welcome mate
  3. Waddap m9!

    Osrs master race!!
  4. (y)

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