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  1. I'm Hypo from PowerBot.

    Figured I would step over the pond to see if I can find a client that currently isn't detected. (Gotta keep making dem gains)

    Is it safe to bot here? - Or is it like everywhere else. (Ban City)

    Either way, Pleasure to meet you all. - I'll be looking to contribute to the script bot repository in the near future.
  2. To answer the question you asked via PM here; no, RuneMate is not a banfest like powerbot.

    The banrate is considered low as long as you know what you're doing. As in don't bot over 15 hours, take random day long breaks, use good bots, avoid obvious botting locations/methods and don't have your account look like a bot (outfit and stats/questpoints).

    I can't put exact numbers on your chance of ban as you can understand. If you're afraid to use it on your main directly then maybe use a noob account for some testing first (watch out, you don't want your IP flagged)
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  3. Thanks for the info. I lost my main a long time ago to botting Aha.

    I have been botting about 6 hours per day then finishing up with a series of quests towards the end of the day. - So far this has managed to be effective enough to hide me from the current ban wave.

    Appreciate the help. I'll make a mule to see how that goes.
  4. I'd keep up that strategy - that's the best you can do. Oh and switch between skills and bots often as in don't go for 99 in a skill straight but set goals like all skills to 50 first then all to 70 etc.

    And if I remember correctly a mule is an account to store your items on so you don't lose them if you get banned?
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  5. My apologies wrong terminology. Throw away account. Also i mule would be a nice back-up too. ;)

    yeah i switch up my skills fairly often. i have a goal to get everything to 75 so i can do Plagues end.

    I'm looking to start developing my own bots. Just little ones for now - powerminer/chopper until I fully understand the API.
  6. Also,new accounts seem to get banned far easier than older accounts. Welcome, can't wait to see your contributions :)
  7. Yeah newer accounts generally get the hammer first. I'll probably do some mediocre quest like cooks assistant or something to just get past that "barrier" level 3's struggle to get past.
  8. This. I advise all botters to use older accounts of at least a year old.
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  9. Just in the process of recovering an old account of mine (4 years old) - Should be efficient enough to start scripting with.
  10. What about my account from 2005 or so?
  11. Accounts from 2005 will be great although I don't think it changes much compared to like 2012. What I meant mainly is that new to new-ish accounts tend to be monitored.
  12. Welcome to RuneMate.
  13. Yep, I have only heard of a handful of bans.

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