Help..Fish botting locations for 6+hrs

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  1. I wanted to know what script i should use to bot for fishing and what locations for the specific lvls. I got banned 4 times already in two weeks fishing. I just made a new account 10mins ago and am fishing in draynor. is this safe or should i go somewhere else? Any opinions from all you fishing bot pros :D and what worlds are recommended from you botters
  2. Specify OSRS, RS3, or DS. There isn't really a safe spot to bot fishing. Just stay away from the fishing guild and Karamja Island.
  3. RS3 . and see thats the problem. i like to get swordies into notes on karamja. There and barbarian village is where i always bot and seem to get banned.. However, there are so many ppl who havent got banned on karamja. I usually stick to the most populated world since that way nobody will notice
  4. It might be the scripts bots your using. I personally don't like using Maxi or Alpha scripts bots on RS3 cause they seem to have a high ban rate. Try using "Celestial Fisher Beta" if you haven't given it a try yet.
  5. Alright ill give celestial a try. is there any other one that has a low ban rate?
  6. I went from 13m xp to 50m+ xp using "Alpha Barbarian Outpost Fisher" botting mostly 24/7 so i trust that one a lot.
  7. Thanks. I'll try it out. One more question. Why does runescape whenever I make an account say, recover account. it does that everytime I make a new account...
  8. Have you updated to 1.3.3? The previous version was having problems with locking peoples accounts which was fixed with an update.
  9. Yes I am using that version currently and it locked me out for the third time in a row...
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    Is there a place in this forums regarding runescape accounts? I would like to get a hold of one without having to start all over again since I keep getting banned.
  10. If your not using it i suggest using the standalone version and see if that helps. Or if your using a VPN try botting without it running.
  11. Not using vpn and I do have the standalone jar file .
  12. I'm not sure then. The lock outs should have been fixed with the update. Maybe @Cloud can help with that.
  13. Any updates on @Cloud ?
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    I stopped botting since I started this thread.. ill guess ill give it another go and if my account gets locked for recovery, then I wont be using runemate anymore unfortunately until the problem is fixed

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