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  1. Hello guys!

    I wanted to get into bot writing for osrs since i recently started playing it again, but I have never used IntelliJ earlier, so I followed the following guide to get set up: Tutorial - The Coding Chronicles - Chapter One: Ready, Set, Go!

    I followed every step but at the absolutely last step, after having compiled the code, where you chose the Local Bot Directory I m not able to find the "com" folder under out\production\projectname.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Thanks! :)
  2. Should be able to see the following if you've compiled:

  3. You should find it assuming that you followed the format and created the com folder in the first place bots.something.PNG
  4. Wanna be looking at the compiled code, not the source code.

  5. I'm saying that the src should have the com folder for it to appear in out (maybe he just made the bot under project directly)
  6. This is what I get after compiling, and suppose that the file with the class and manifest is the one I should select? And when I do so and refresh the bot repository nothing happens.

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  7. Yeah so you didn't follow me guide exactly :p You need to change your project naming/structure and select the directory and have your selected directory similar to:
  8. Thank you, forgot to create the com folder, will redo it with this now!
    Thanks! :D
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    Thanks guys!
    Figured it out, cant wait to start making some bots now! :)
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    Now i am only getting this problem so if you mind helping me with this aswell upload_2016-7-20_0-41-49.png

    Thanks :)
  9. If you're starting spectre from IntelliJ make sure you've selected the 32bit JRE.

    1) Click that and select "Edit Configuration"
    2) Make sure to select the 32bit JRE (usually under program files x86)

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