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  1. hey guys i have a 2 core windows 7 32 bit with 4gigs of ram when i run runemate its extremely slow the character barely moves, i tried it on a core 2 duo with 8 gigs of ram and it still did the same thing any fix for this or is that how its meant to be?
  2. Try adding:

    Code (Text):
    1. java -jar -Xmx1024m RuneMate.jar
    to a notepad file and save it as "runemate.bat" (make sure All Files is selected under the file type) and put in the same folder as RuneMate.jar

    Then just click the .bat file and that may help. It basically tells Runemate to use more than 512mb of RAM.
  3. ok so i tried that and still its extremely slow i can litteraly barely move, i tried other bot clients to make sure it wasnt my computers, and they opened and ran smoothly, problem is they are clients i dont trust, any other things i can do to try and get this up and running?
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    i actually ran runemate last month and it was smooth i dont know what happened
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    no way of fixing the fps then?

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