Help with RSBOT, dont kno if im right in the right place..

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  1. Hello Runemate community, first of all im sorry if rightin in wrong section, move thread there. I need help from you guys, the problem is that i can't connect to any rsbot. I tried Runemate many times when i decided to try others (not mentioning) every i kno i tried and its the same problem occurs. What is strange about it that Runescape works fine, both osrs and eoc turns on from website, runescape buddy. Now i am almost sure the problem occured becouse of installation AVG 2015 antivirus. After i did installation of it i didnt have such problem, and when the antivirus was online i cant even go on internet so i decided to delete it. So now chrome have turned on, i decided to check bots. I tought it was some kinda problem by the bot but its not. AVG some kind effected the bots, thats only me doubts.. Please help me guys, the photo how error looks.
    Sorry for adversiting theres no other away i coulda show it...

    And by the way i uninstalled it, then installed and uninstalled deleted all AVG content.
  2. <----- If you have a 32-bit OS grab that and run it. <----- If you have a 64-bit OS. Be sure to run the tool as admin, and when it's done restart your comp. if that doesn't work let me know. Although, for the record I run AVG, and I've ran (in the past) every bot in your picture with no issues :)
    As well as obviously running RuneMate at the moment :)

    Also, make sure you are up to date on updates for your OS. You can do that by clicking start then typing Windows Update and open it. Then let it check for updates and install them if it finds any. However if you have a pirated OS, be careful of update KB971033. That will make your OS not genuine, and while it can be fixed, just another hassle.

    Also, if you don't want to click my links, google avg remover tool, then head to their website, it's right there :)
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  3. It's cool, unlike other client forums, the discussion about others is allowed here ;)
    This will likely be an issue @Arbiter can resolve, he's a pro at it. Any ideas Arbi?
  4. Lol i read rsbot and thought about powerbot and until i read the thread i was like: lol definitely wrong place xD
  5. Can you load websites through your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)? If so, I don't think you properly uninstalled AVG (which is shit; try Malwarebytes). Try @vipertrek79's suggestion and get back to us.
  6. One of his connecting issues is at powerbot :p by the way do you still need to borrow my mining account for Al-Kharid?

    EDIT: also, heading out to the store be gone bout an hour @Qosmiof2 so if you still need it we can talk when I get back :p
  7. I tried both of links and uninstalled everything, made reset for computer. But still nothing. Then i tried go make updates it says that windows cant currently check updates becouse the service is not running.

    Everything i tried is OK, exept for bots.
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  8. Are you on windows 7? If so try this, it's strange that the windows update service isn't running

    1. Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and then clicking Task Manager.
    2. Click the Services tab to see the services that are currently running under your user account
    3. Scroll down the huge list of services till you see: wuauserv. That is the windows update service as you can see here:
    4. Since you said it was stopped, right click and select start. The process should start. then try to check for updates again.
    I'm currently on Windows 10, but ran W7 for a very long time. let me know if that helps, if not post back if you find any new information :) Good luck :D
    Also, grab Malwarebytes as @Arbiter suggested. If you need a premium key PM me, I have a premium business key.
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  9. I can't update it, i did as u sayd: Windows could not start Windows Update service on Local Computer Error 0x8007277a: Updates manager(or what im translating this part becouse its in me lenguage) cant be uploaded or iniciate.
  10. Was AVG pirated by any chance? If not, when you ran a scan did it quarantine/remove anything? If either is the case, then either the malware itself or the process of cleaning the malware seems to have corrupted some operating system level networking service. If it is an option, a reformat is highly advised.
  11. Wait, why does a human being still want to use RSBot while there is RUNEMATE? :D <3
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  12. I just searched on google it was first file, ye when i installed it at the moment i was turned on a bot and the list of virus poped up. About 15+, then i pressed ok but comp frozen had to relog it, when i reseted the pc i have those +15 viruses vanished and tried to go on bot and then nothing so i think its fault of that scan.
  13. Can you use system restore to before you installed AVG? If so do that. And if you'd like to install AVG again, is the link. Also @Arbiter if it was a pirated AVG key, it wouldn't have done that. my AVG has been pirated since 2010~ ish. never had issues like these :p

    Also, if a system restore doesn't work, you may need to backup the data you can't afford to lose and do a system reinstall from scratch :)
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    Also just now saw this. I'm advising a backup of your pics/things you down't want to lose. and then do a reinstall of your OS. To quote Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, Something's Fucky. Good luck :) Post back if you need more help. :D
  14. Yeah the Windows Update not working is what tipped me off too. And pirated keys aren't the issue themselves, but skiddies often bind malware to the keygens or installers in pirated torrents/downloads. That's why it's always advised to run them in a sandbox.
  15. that is true :) i guess if you're kind of a veteran pirate you know what to avoid. Good point :)

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