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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Prodigy, Jun 16, 2015.

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  1. Im not sure whats going on, but i have been getting my balance on runemate deducted slowly. I havent been using any premium bots, but my credit has been going down from $3.10 to about $2.46 atm.

    while i dont mind the 1 dollar wasted, im worried as why this is happening. I have changed my pass as well, but I got my transactions list shows

    [​IMG] \

    I did not run celestial divination for 15 hours. I run that bot for not more than a couple hours at a time. Have I been comprimised? Is someone else running this bot through my account? Or is it a bug of some sort? Please help!

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    Post #6 by Arbiter, Jun 16, 2015
  3. From what I see, there's two things that could have happened.
    1. There's something faulty with the system. If so, I'm sure you can work something out with Arbiter.
    2. Your account has been infiltrated. I'd recommend doing a full system scan with an anti-malware program such as Malwarebytes. I'd be happy to help you with this via Teamviewer or Skype. (falixus.runemate)
  4. None of my other accounts are comprimised, but I am running a malwarebytes test nonetheless.

    Also, $.15 were removed in the past hour or so. I used celestial divination yesterday, before i dced and had the close the bot. ever since, my credits have been going down ever so slowly :(
  5. It looks like you have $3.11 in your account?
  6. My sincerest apologies for worrying you! I was testing something late last night when no one should be anywhere near important code and it messed up a particular edge case. You have been refunded in full and awarded a complimentary $1 for bringing the issue to our attention. :)
  7. No harm done! Thank you for resolving the issue so quickly :D
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