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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Trancendence, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Decided that since RM is back up, I'd give it a shot... Before starting botting my mains, I logged into two Username accounts that hadnt been active in a while, each around 200 days until 10 year veteran cape. Had them bot the basics, mining and fishing, and both are now permanently banned. Is there something I did wrong? or is RM still slightly detectable?
  2. Are the accounts f2p ?
    f2p have a much higher ban rate.
  3. Mining and fishing are both risky to bot.
  4. Those are high risk areas to bot, especially so if you're F2P (which I'm assuming the accounts were).

    How long were you botting for? Which locations exactly?
  5. I'm going to assume this is for Runescape 3
  6. This was Darkscape. Both accounts were in fact f2p. I was power mining copper in the mine in burthorpe. My fishing was being done over by mobilizing armies. Was approximately 2.5h before one was banned, followed by the other an hour later, AFTER I shut off the script bot.
  7. did you restart the client since the update around 4 o clock?
  8. Actually, prior to the bot nuke, i used the stand alone client. Post nuke I realized there were platform specific installers, and I chose to take this path. So, yes, It was a fresh install post nuke.
  9. thats why there was a small issue today but the develepers handled it quick and smooth the update was about 330pm today eastern no need to redownload just close bot and reopen it and it auto updates chances are you had rm already open from before the 330update. yip when i bot now i always look at shout box when i log on to make sure bans arent going around at that time and periodically check it thru out the day and when i log out
  10. Thanks for the idea. Been running another username log in, suiciding wc/fm simultaneously and switched to agility in burth. 29 hours and no ban, Pretty sure solo bot is okay, but I can duo without ban. I'll just have to find a working proxy to be able to suicide multiple, even though the Canadian proxies work very seldom.

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