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  1. What is the banrate of divination ?
    99 inb4ban?


    Thanks in advice.

    small update havent been playing/botting just started again :


    Up to 99 :D
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  2. Banrates are very low overall on RuneMate.
  3. Keep your botting down to like 6hrs a day, stay in busy worlds and talk every now and then (you go unnoticed easily in the crowd) and don't forget to buy energies to speed up your exp/hr :)

    Doing that I'm sure you'll make it to 99 without trouble.
  4. Thanks for the info !

    to bad my pc is to old to run the bot :c
    going to get another one in a week
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  5. Sweet. I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted?
  6. Will do ! :)
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  7. Wow, dem stats tho. All botted?
  8. People don't normally report div just because its well known that you afk the shit out of it.
  9. Great account, man.
    Just make sure you say something now and then, I always say things like "lol too many bots here" and I'll usually get an answer from the legit players ensuring I don't get reported. :p
  10. Omg! That's you! I'll make sure to report you next time ;)
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  11. about 60% off it .
    Falixuss don't you remem me ? O:
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  12. Yeah, I do. What's up, bud?

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