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    I have had a private Blast Furnace bot for some time for my own personal use. I've decided to sell licenses for this as I've seen a demand for it.

    This bot only supports the smelting of Gold bars. No other bars will be supported, this is a bot for training, not moneymaking.

    • Ice gloves
    • Stamina potions
    • Enough coins in the coffer to last the entire time
    • HIGHLY RECOMMEND Goldsmith gloves
    • 60 Smithing is recommended but the bot supports session renewing (must have coins in bank)

    Footage of the bot in action: ftIbAVZgex.mp4 - Streamable

    The bot is capable of up to 300k xp/h making it the quickest Blast Furnace bot available on RuneMate.

    Licenses grant 1 calendar month (May 1st to June 1st, for example) of usage at a cost of $10.
    Trial periods of 1 day are available.
    To purchase a monthly license contact me on the forums through private messages, through the Hexis discord server, or through my Discord @Noah#4317. If you use Discord please verify my UID matches 209803161987317762. Feel free to request a message on the forums.
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